M2M Communications

At its most rudimentary level, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications refers to the networked communication between field-deployed devices and systems to realise integrated connectivity for remote machine systems.

M2M communication enables autonomous data exchange between machines. M2M communication examples can be as basic as using a credit card self service vending machine or parking meter, to highly sophisticated applications such as critical infrastructure telemetry, smart metering, vehicle telematics, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), intermodal communications for highways and transportation logistics.

The ubiquity of wireless networks has moved M2M out of a "niche" market into every day applications and the advent of the "Internet of Things". This proliferation of M2M technologies promises significant new opportunities for businesses to gain or maintain their competitive edge.

While the M2M market is rapidly evolving, vendor software and hardware offerings and capabilities are highly fragmented. This presents a number of technical and business challenges.

Technical challenges facing owners include several network considerations such as scalability; security, reliability, availability, product lifecycle and product obsolesce.

From the business perspective challenges comprise navigating the complex and frequently changing device management and software management whilst cohesively addressing the diverse needs between vertical markets.

Consultant Engineering Pty Ltd can help your organisation realise the full potential of M2M technology. We are able to assist across all three M2M system elements of field deployed devices, wireless carrier networks and backend server systems. What sets Consultant Engineering Pty Ltd apart is that we focus on technology choices and on business success.

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