Resource Capability

Need in-demand temporary engineering or technical resources

Consultant Engineering Pty Ltd can support you with otherwise scarce in-demand temporary engineering and specialists resources for your critical project resourcing requirements.

For example, should you have the need for very complex design requirements, Consultant Engineering Pty Ltd has a PhD qualified system architecture specialist who has many years of applied engineering design experience enabling him to realise down-to-earth solutions swiftly and accurately.

Consultant Engineering Pty Ltd has an MBA qualified project manager who has years of senior level project delivery leadership experience across a diverse range of engineering orientated businesses, both client and supply sides.

Examples include leading teams for United Nations Development Program / World Bank projects, principal consultant roles to the Australian Government on overseas Aid projects, as well as many examples within the domestic private sector.

Consultant Engineering Pty Ltd can supply general project level engineering resources across the disciplines of:

  • System Engineering
  • Design Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Rolling Stock Radio Engineering
  • RF Planning, Drive Test Audits
  • Compliance Engineering
  • Test and Commissioning Engineering
  • Rail Telecom Design Engineering
  • Rail Rolling Stock Communications Engineer
  • Systems Application Engineering
  • NSW Class 2 Licensed Security Engineer
  • Licensed Electrical Technicians

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