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Parking System Integration (ANPR/NFC/EMV/Analytics)

Without expert system integration; the management of either on street or off street vehicle parking can be a nightmare for the parking operator.

The parking arena is fast becoming a complex array of sub system elements that must work seamlessly together to ensure the parking operator experiences little or no down time. Moreover, in the event a system failure occurs, then system redundancy and failover architectures must facilitate either a seamless or expedited return to service.

Such requirements are becoming more onerous to achieve as the sophistication of the enabling technologies such as ANPR, NFC, EMV, multisite analytics, and the like are being demanded as commonplace. To realise compliance to these requirements nothing less than experienced system architecture engineering can be relied upon to deliver robust parking systems that will continue to run tirelessly for years.

Consultant Engineering Pty Ltd appreciates what is at stake for the parking operator both in terms of the monetary cost and public relations cost should a system fail to provide anything less than consistently optimal reliability and performance throughout the system's service life.

Consultant Engineering Pty Ltd has demonstrated its ability to deliver such reliability outcomes both locally within Australia and Internationally.

Our consulting services can assist our clients to:

  • Establish project business case,
  • Conduct user requirements assessment,
  • Devise implementation strategies to ensure requirements budgets and schedules are met,
  • Perform technical specialist roles,
  • Prepare specifications and contract documentation,
  • Undertake the lead system engineering software development, and,
  • Manage the systems contractor throughout project delivery,

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